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Chiropractic is a natural form of healthcare that deals with the relationship between the spine and nervous system. Every message to every part of the body goes via the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves).

The brain is protected by the skull. In order to allow movement and cushioning, the spinal cord and exiting spinal nerves are protected by the spinal column and small cushioning discs. This is where things can go wrong!

Any accidents, compensatory movements from injury, poor ergonomics at work or home can cause stress on the spine. In fact any stress - even emotional and chemical - can cause these bones, (vertebrae), to lock up and lose their proper movement.

When this happens pressure may be placed on these nerves and communication begins to be compromised. We call it subluxation.

Sometimes we are unaware of the problems, perhaps we feel tired or just feel unable to do the things we used to and here is the problem. When movement is lost, degeneration begins. Discs get worn-out from compromised joint movement and the aging process is hurried. Sometimes surgery is needed. One thing for sure is that a weakened spine will cause damage for life.

Chiropractors locate, analyse and correct these "subluxations" or areas of stress. At Back in Action we also teach you how to maintain these improvements and avoid recurrence of them or similar problems. We empower you to be in charge of your own spinal health through providing you with an understanding of your anatomy and exercises, strengthening, posture and stretching exercises that can help you.


The old saying - everyone! If you have a spine you need to ensure it is functioning well and that is what a chiropractor’s whole training is about. 

We see children with a variety of issues from not performing at school or on the sports fields to headaches, bedwetting, colic, growing pains, irritability and lack of concentration. We love to see kids to make sure that they are growing well.

Teenagers and young adults also need check ups during times of major growth where postural compensations left unrecognized or untreated will become lifelong problems.

Women see chiropractors during pregnancies, athletes see us to perform at their best, workplaces send patients with compromised postures and the elderly see us to remain mobile and healthy. It is about minimizing stresses and allowing good health and performance.

Everyone has their own reason and we respect that. It is completely your spine and therefore your choice and your responsibility. However, many people have never learned what a good spine should feel like, should move like and that headaches are not normal!!! 

At Back in Action we want you to have all the tools to maintain your spine, like breathing properly and walking correctly. Spinal Care can be quite comprehensive but at Back in Action we feel that we can provide you with fresh spinal solutions to make it as easy as possible for you carry on with your life!

Back in Action historically works with:

  • New Zealand’s many elite athletes covering a range of sports 

  • People with problems or those just wanting to increase their general health

  • Some of New Zealand’ best medical providers, with whom we have a regular relationship

  • Workplaces, both big and small, at which we provide lectures and assessments


Chiropractic Care is often recommended for :

  • neck and back pain

  • Helping pain, numbness or tingling in arms, hands, legs and feet

  • Increasing range of movement


The bottom line is that removing interference to how our spines operate and allowing proper nerve supply will help just about anything including our overall physical, mental and emotional state - that means we enjoy life more – we are more productive and we tend to remain that way.


How many things in life do we give up because we no longer feel confident or able to do them? The truth is that it is the doing of these things that keeps us young. That is probably the main motivation behind the formation of Back in Action. 

There have been many studies that show chiropractic is not only safe but also cost- effective and at Back in Action we take that responsibility seriously.


The ways we adjust your spine will vary from person to person depending on what we think is the best chiropractic technique for your situation and what you prefer. Some techniques are very hands-on and are known as manual techniques, such as Gonstead and diversified.

Other techniques may use an instrument, (activator), or special tables that have moveable parts. These tools are often a technique of choice or necessity when the spine may be aged or compromised due to degeneration or past injury. Some may result in cavitation or a popping noise and some will not. We will explain what options there are and also what we feel will work best for you to ensure that you feel comfortable and get the best chiropractic results.


First Consultation 

This is probably the most important visit. We will take an extensive case history and really discuss what your problem is and whether we can help.  This will include a thorough physical examination determining, not only the problem, but also looking at neurological and orthopedic checks to ensure we are the correct provider for you and that it is safe to proceed.


Once we are both happy to proceed we will look to restore function in your spine, having discussed what approaches are appropriate and also which ones you are happier with.

After your Adjustment

Please allow time to rest for a few minutes. Often a short walk helps before settling into your car. For the next few hours it is best to avoid demanding exercise and proper hydration can also be of benefit. If you have any concerns call your chiropractor on their mobile. We try and call every patient after their first visit to ensure they are attaining maximum results!

Acute Pain

If you have come with acute pain we may recommend using ice afterwards or at home. Your chiropractor will discuss frequency and whether medication would be beneficial as well. Every case is different.

Chronic Pain

In cases where pain has been present ice may not be so appropriate and massage or heat therapy may be more suited. Some may get great relief from a hot bath, however after an adjustment this may no longer be advised so please discuss with your chiropractor.

Day to Day

There are many things that can really help outcomes such as sleeping position, type of pillow, rest, exercise, balance, lifting technique, driving position, walking gait and so on. Each one is very important and discussed in our DVD or Lecture that you may attend. These educational opportunities are critical to achieving maximum results so please attend if at all possible.  It is worth noting that the Back in Action chiropractic lecture has been featured on national radio and television and is absolutely second to none!

Lifestyle Choices

Also covered in every lecture and important to long term changes is exercise knowledge, good eating, hydration and healthy habits. At Back in Action we believe knowledge and many small changes here and there are far more beneficial than massive change. We actually make it quite easy to lead a much happier life.

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