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Are your feet like the bent wheels of a bike?

There are a myriad of factors that affect our daily life and the function of our body. Right now we are going to focus on one aspect that is often forgotten and neglected, but when left without proper attention and care can affect our well being in a very direct way.


Most people put their socks and shoes on in the morning and then forget about their feet for the rest of the day, and won’t spend another minute thinking about them. We go to the gym and train our chest and back, we take time stretching our arms and legs, we optimise our workstations for our spines and necks, and so on and so forth. But who does anything to improve their feet?

  • When was the last time you stretched your feet?

  • When was the last time you did exercises to make them stronger?

  • How often do you look down and ask yourself, how well are my feet functioning?

I’m guessing almost never.

But our feet are essential to almost everything we do in life.

They run us to the bus, they take us on weekend walks, and they allow us to play our favorite sport to the best of our ability.

Please consider this example; just like there is good posture and bad posture there is also good functioning feet and badly functioning feet.

Feet are in many ways very similar to the wheels on a bike. They are structural components that depending on their alignment and function, directly affects how fast or how well you can move forward. Everyone knows that it might be possible to ride a bike with a bent wheel, however it will greatly impede your ability to quickly or efficiently reach your destination.

Feet that point outwards, point inwards, have big bunions or weak arches are all indications of a ‘bent wheel’; a foot with improper alignment and function.

Just like there are ways to get your wheels aligned and people who specialise in doing so, there are also many ways we can improve our foot function. The trick is just knowing how.

If you believe that you have a bent wheel that needs aligning (and no, please don’t bring your bicycle to your next appointment) and you want to improve the way you move or feel, we at Back in Action are happy to help.

Dr Kristian Bjolstad has, in the last few years, worked with several world champions, European champions and world record holders to optimise the vital function of their feet and lower extremities.

For a whole body to be functioning and feeling at its absolute best, you need to take a holistic approach to every part of your body. But why not start from the bottom up by making sure every step you take on your journey to better health and well being is on optimised feet.

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