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Meet our Chiropractors

Dr Andrew Billingham, Dr Tamsin Chong and Dr Andrew Kerr

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Dr Andrew Billingham

Andrew is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and the role chiropractic plays in both performance and function to achieve this. 

After working in the UK in the event management industry, Andrew changed careers after an accident led him to the chiropractor. Not only did he recover from his injuries but he became far more energetic, moved better and just felt better.


It was during this time of care that he knew that becoming a chiropractor was the next step in his career path. Andrew retrained and graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

He continues to attend seminars on a regular basis to keep his knowledge cutting edge. Chiropractic is always changing and developing its understanding of neurology, headaches, pain and performance.

Andrew has an insatiable passion for making a difference to his patients’ lives so that they can live a life of optimal health.


There are many moments in Andrew’s life when he feels he is in his absolute element and most of those are when he is helping people to discover their true health and achieve their goals, so they can excel in all that they do and contribute by participating in their community and society as a whole.

When not at the practice Andrew can be found shearing sheep, feeding out the cattle or cheering, with his wife, from the side lines supporting their two daughters in all their sporting activities.

Andrew Billingham works at the Ponsonby clinic.

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Dr Andrew Kerr

Dr Andrew Kerr has over 25 years experience in chiropractic care. Andrew is the ultimate family man, with two beautiful children, James and Hannah and his gorgeous wife Paula. He loves taking the kids to all of their sport, involved in coaching these sides and having a great time with the kids.

Andrew is the ultimate U2 and Paul Kelly fan just ask him about it, he would love to tell you all about PK’s latest concert! On top of all this Andrew was an IRON-MAN competing in these gruelling events 2-3 times every year, keeping him looking trim, taut and terrific at all times.

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Dr Tamsin Chong

I have a passion for working with people and I’m excited about getting people back in action and keeping them back in action!

I’ve seen a chiropractor since I was a child and got to experience first-hand the brilliance of chiropractic care while growing and developing – this helped me tremendously with the amount of sports I did growing up.

I love working with children and infants and can’t wait to bring better function to young ones from the start!

I find that often people look after their mental and physical health in ways that don’t allow the body to recognise its own ability to heal and change through looking after their nervous systems. And therefore, a big goal of mine is to see chiropractic more normalised as
something that everyone does, to keep their body and nervous systems in tip top shape.

I’m continuing to learn and grow as a chiropractor and enjoy going to seminars often to make sure that I can give everyone the best care possible.

Outside of the office, you’ll see me on the hockey turf or making waves in the pool.

Tamsin Chong works at Back in Action's Milford clinic.

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