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Renowned for his clinical reasoning and 23 years experience in delivering best-practice Chiropractic, Dr Edward Timings works with clients to develop an appreciation of the wider issues of health. A dynamic presenter, Ed creates an atmosphere of learning and understanding the balance needed to achieve full and healthy lives.

A disc jockey for seven years and university tutor, Ed has spent two years in cutting-edge diabetic research, and is also a Director of Catalyst, a company that combines the best practice of both business improvement and employee health strategies. 

Edward has worked as a chiropractor in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States, where he acquired his internationally acclaimed postural analysis programme and regularly appears on National radio and television.

Ed's clients range from babies to the elderly and include international athletes such as triathlete Cameron Brown, Team New Zealand, various All Blacks, Black Caps and Tall Blacks. His corporate clients have included Air New Zealand, First Mobile, Intervet, Sovereign Assurance and many more.

Ed has 4 children, is married to Karen and is a compulsive kombucha drinker!

Ed works at the Ponsonby and Milford clinic.


Andrew is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and the role chiropractic plays in both performance and function to achieve this. 

After working in the UK in the Event Management industry, Andrew changed careers after an accident led him to the chiropractor. Not only did he recover from his injuries but he became far more energetic, moved better and just felt better. It was during this time of care that he knew that becoming a chiropractor was the next step in his career path. Andrew retrained and graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

He continues to attend seminars on a regular basis to keep his knowledge cutting edge. Chiropractic is always changing & developing its understanding of neurology, headaches, pain & performance.

Andrew has an insatiable passion for making a difference to his patients’ lives so that they can live a life of optimal health. There are many moments in Andrew’s life when he feels he is in his absolute element and most of those are when he is helping people to discover their true health and achieve their goals, so they can excel in all that they do and contribute by participating in their community and society as a whole.

When not at the practice Andrew can be found shearing sheep, feeding out the cattle or cheering, with his wife, from the side lines supporting their two daughters in all their sporting activities.

Andrew works at the Ponsonby clinic


Josh discovered his passion for understanding the human body and love for helping others at a young age, which drove him to study Chiropractic. Josh grew up on the North Shore and since graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic has been practising down in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato area.  Josh is excited to be back serving his home community.


Josh has played rugby all his life which naturally lead to an interest in sports chiropractic and performance. So, working with athletes is where his passion lies but he also understands that the whole family can benefit from chiropractic care.


Since starting as a Chiropractor, one of Josh’s main goals has been to help educate and inspire others to be proactive in their health journey. Josh lives by the motto, “do something today, your future self will thank you for”. He is passionate about educating the younger generations to value their health from a young age.

Josh works at the Milford clinic.