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Chiropractic care is a two-way street - in order to ensure treatment yields the best long-term results, we need patient involvement. That’s why we’ve put together four introductory videos that we recommend as the starting point for everyone before (or directly after) receiving chiropractic care.​

Chiropractic care and patient involvement

with Dr Ed Timings (DC USA)
  • Introduction to Back in Action
  • Why patient involvement is crucial
  • Communication with your chiropractor

Introduction to the spine

with Dr Andrew Billingham (B Chiro)
  • Spine sections and types of movement
  • Nerve problems due to spinal irritation
  • Keeping your spine healthy as you age

Daily whole body stretches for spinal health

with Sarah Crowley (Physiotherapist and Olympian)
  • These stretches are for the whole body and need to be done every day … for the rest of your life!!! We tend to start these after about the third visit.

  • Olympian and physiotherapist Sarah Crowley walks us through a number of standing, sitting and lying down stretches that will help the muscles adapt to the changes we make so that we need to see you less often to achieve better results.

Strengthening and stabilising your spine

with Dr Ed Timings (DC USA) and Brent Newdick (Olympic decathlete)
  • These are basic movement patterns (pushing, pulling, twisting, bending, standing, and lunging) that we need to learn to do properly to strengthen the spine. 

  • Doing these for an extended period fatigues the big muscle groups, which in turn allows the body to recruit other muscles, making our general function stronger through a full range of motion. 

  • These exercises not only stabilise the spine through full range but also prevent injury in the future and help maintain full function and therefore better neurological control via the spinal system.


with Dr Andrew Billingham (B Chiro)


with Dr Andrew Billingham (B Chiro)


with Dr Kristian Bjolstad Nordqvist (DC)

Lower Body and Extremity Workout

with Dr Ed Timings (DC USA) and Elizabeth Timings


with Dr Kristian Bjolstad Nordqvist (DC)

Moving Well

with Dr Ed Timings (DC USA) 
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