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Stretches Guide

The Stretches Work Sheet has been designed as a mandatory daily stretch that recognizes one must move fully everyday to minimize stress both functionally and to minimise arthritic change and maximize nerve supply. These stretches are to be done slowly without pain and are designed to achieve function of movement, stretch postural muscles and stretch nerves that get irritated through occupational shortening. These stretches are recommended to be done daily - forever!!!!!


Download Stretches PDF


Workout Guide

This Workout guide has many exercises and has been developed to start you on the road to optimal performance! Men tend to become very round shouldered with age and woman lose 0.5% bone density every year. Weight training is therefore a must and these exercises are designed to support basic movement that we do every day. With only a five to ten minute daily ritual for these and 5 minutes stretching you have the ability to maintain great health and fitness forever.


Download Workout PDF

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