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Two scenarios…

So, going through my head…. Two scenarios…

I am 55 and sore and restricted (sound familiar?). A knee and shoulder injured as a kid and now many years later after a lot of physical abuse (rugby, triathlons etc.) looking at replacements. I have also suffered for some time from Psoriasis and eczema and an irritated tummy. Are these related?

4 pillars of health. Mental, physical, emotional and the new kid on the block … the GUT!

As a chiropractor we try and get movement as good as possible. Movement of the spine directly affects the nervous system so general health is probably the real goal. But what else do we need?

  • Positive mental attitude. I want to get better and I will get better

  • Discipline. I have work to do and so I am responsible for my own outcome

These are too simple scenarios. During this time of lockdown, they have become my personal focus and challenge. We have had more time to think. We can dwell on things we cannot change or get ready for things we will change. Starting with me that means doing the necessary activities for my injuries. That requires a daily effort, and to be fair, without that it will not help things and for some time now because despite what I know - I have been lazy. There is a lot of inflammation and pain.

Add to that my skin shows autoimmune activity (I have two type 1 diabetic kids). I also have various allergies and the gut, reflected in a variety of bowel movements, also shows some discourse.

What we now understand is that 70% of your immunity comes from the gut. When the gut does not work well, when the microbiome is not at its best, we begin autoimmune activity (amongst many other symptoms). These days asthma, diabetes, skin conditions, rheumatoid arthritis and many more appear to come from the gut. Other stressors are antibiotic use. Now sometimes that is a need!!! But the ramifications are big! After medication, a serious game plan to return to health is needed.

So, at 55 this is not a time to hope. It is a call to action. Stretches and exercises need to be done. Where there is pain doing these, scientific evidence indicates that pain does not help. Wisdom and knowledge and common sense come into play. If it hurts “back it up”. Function is needed but be gentle, patient, and consistent. Use it or lose it. I need a bit of attitude!

But over this break I have also realised the general inflammation in my body needs to be addressed. I need a lot more plant-based food but also a real diversity. To be frank I know I am allergic to dairy, but it tastes so damn good!! I know gluten is not my friend. But I must ask myself “do I really want to come right?”. Dairy and gluten gone. Now let us talk about sleep!

Some of the best doctors around the world are saying if you get covid-19 sleep! That is the most critical factor and maybe that is why so many stressed and tired medical people have been so severely affected … maybe! After a lot of study, I would also recommend Liposomal Vitamin c and Vitamin D3. But more about that in another blog. And in another blog more about sleep!

But if I am going to get out of pain with my joints and as healthy as I can be in case of this disease, I need to fix my gut.

Follow this blog because next time we go more into this.

And remember … these are just my thoughts


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