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The old saying - everyone! If you have a spine you need to ensure it is functioning well and that is what a chiropractor’s whole training is about. 

We see children with a variety of issues from not performing at school or on the sports fields to headaches, bedwetting, colic, growing pains, irritability and lack of concentration. We love to see kids to make sure that they are growing well.

Teenagers and young adults also need check ups during times of major growth where postural compensations left unrecognized or untreated will become lifelong problems.

Women see chiropractors during pregnancies, athletes see us to perform at their best, workplaces send patients with compromised postures and the elderly see us to remain mobile and healthy. It is about minimizing stresses and allowing good health and performance.

Everyone has their own reason and we respect that. It is completely your spine and therefore your choice and your responsibility. However, many people have never learned what a good spine should feel like, should move like and that headaches are not normal!!! 

At Back in Action we want you to have all the tools to maintain your spine, like breathing properly and walking correctly. Spinal Care can be quite comprehensive but at Back in Action we feel that we can provide you with fresh spinal solutions to make it as easy as possible for you carry on with your life!

Back in Action historically works with:

  • New Zealand’s many elite athletes covering a range of sports 

  • People with problems or those just wanting to increase their general health

  • Some of New Zealand’ best medical providers, with whom we have a regular relationship

  • Workplaces, both big and small, at which we provide lectures and assessments

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