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July 2019

The biomechanical demands of the rowing stroke and the rigorous nature of the associated training produce repeated forces of high magnitude to the lower back extensor muscles. These forces can be excessive and induce a back injury, particularly when fatigue impairs the contractile ability of the muscle. As a result, many rowers suffer from recurring episodes of lower back pain (LBP) despite their high level of physical conditioning.

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Rowing is considered to be among the most physically demanding of all endurance sports

July 2109

As all of you may know, we at Back in Action have always focused on making the people who seek our help better. We approach this by aligning the spine, improving joint function and working on good habits that promote better health and wellbeing.

There are a myriad of factors that affect our daily life and the function of our body. Right now we are going to focus on one aspect that is often forgotten and neglected, but when left without proper attention and care can affect our wellbeing in a very direct way.

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Our feet are essential to almost everything we do in life.

August 2018

Valerie Kasanita Adams, a shot putter from New Zealand, a four-time World champion, three time World Indoor champion and two-time Olympic and Commonwealth champion, thanked her chiropractor In a tweet for her 51st straight win.

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World's most dominant athlete Valarie Adams thanks the team at Back in Action for her 51st win

July 2018

Dr Ed Timings featured on the Mens Health 'Inspiring' Breakfast event

Dr Ed timings of Back in Action was recently invited to be a key speaker at the Mens Health 'Inspiring' Breakfast event. Click here to see the video showing some insights and highlights from the event.

Andrew Dickens, host of Sunday Cafe on Newstalk ZB also wrote an article praising Ed and his methods on the NZ Herald site. Click here to read the article.

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JUne 2018

Tips and Tricks to a Full Recovery

Expect to get better! At Back in Action it is a team effort. When you walk into our office we respect the fact that you have chosen us and we will therefore do everything to improve your spinal health.

With that certainty we need you to be confident as well. We need you to look at your workplace at the imbalances at the desk or computer that cause strain. You are going to go through some changes so you need to follow your chiropractors advice with stretches and all recommendations - if for some reason you have not been able to help just let your chiropractor know.

It is all about communication. If things change - let them know. If getting your spine moving right causes an ease in headaches or digestion, let us know.

Getting your spine right is helped by staying hydrated, eating better and resting well. If these are a problem mention it and we may have some great ideas.

Try not to miss appointments as that may affect the speed of your changes and try to attend a workshop. A good spine means better health for life - it is worth the effort!

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February 2018

New Zealand's Best Athletes join up with BIA

We've been looking after New Zealand's elite athletes for many years now. We have a clinic at the Millennium where we see many top athletes from All Black rugby players, canoeists to track and field and many other individuals and teams as well.

The list is endless and we remain a provider to New Zealand's academy of sport. They are looking for athletes to receive elite care and we are always striving to provide elite care - however equally important is providing elite care to all our patients!

Perhaps a consideration should be to provide budding young athletes the opportunity to get under chiropractic care early so they can avoid the pitfalls of sport imbalances or developing posture and movement issues during puberty.

Teenage years are a great time to begin chiropractic care.

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November 2016

Save money in the long run

BIA offers fantastic corporate opportunities to get your staff fit healthy and motivated. The little bit you put in now will have far reaching consequences later.

More productive staff, less sick days and a genuine feeling that they are cared for.

Individuals should think like this as well. The longer that imbalances, headaches, sore backs are left the harder it is to correct later, the more work is needed later and the more problems that will manifest.

A small investment in your staff or personal health now the greater the results later.


June 2016

Top Class Recovery System

We have created a recovery system to not just get you out of pain but to get you moving well, free of pain and educated and motivated to stabilise and maintain these changes.

We customise a recovery plan specifically to your requirements. If you need an even faster recovery our workshops are second to none. Hands on tools to breathe better, move better, walk better and sit better. We teach you to stretch muscles and strengthen muscles. For those really wanting to take control of their spines we also offer a series of 5 workshops that are designed to really empower the individual to make massive long lasting changes.


March 2016

Ten Ways to keep your back in Check
  • Stretch regularly - but know what stretches specifically help you.

  • Keep your body balanced by using both sides

  • Avoid long term one sided activities

  • Remain hydrated throughout the day

  • Know what good function feels like and is and therefore maintain it

  • Get appropriate sleep

  • Look at daily time out activities

  • Breathe properly

  • Stand properly, Sit properly, Walk properly

  • Have fun - every day

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