Ed Timings and Back in Action make sense of wholistic health. We have employed Ed both personally and in our business and have found him excellent in both cases.


Ed has the broadest understanding of health we have ever encountered in a health professional. He knows exactly when to apply his own, considerable, skills and when to refer to a practitioner in another discipline. He shares his broad knowledge of all manner of health matters generously. At a business level, Ed has performed postural assessments for our staff and taken them through a short health programme. His enthusiasm is infectious, his communication clear, his information precisely targeted.

Back in Action is now the first place we refer friends and colleagues because we know they will be dealt with sensitively, appropriately and effectively."


G.A. PINDAR and SON (New Zealand) Ltd trading as PINDAR NZ


Forget Bob the Builder...get Mr Ed to fix it!


From back pain to hammy strain - Ed Timings helped me get 'back in action' for boxing's Fight For Life.

Now I see him at least once a month to make sure I'm fit for life... cause there's nothing worse than a sore back. And guess what - Mr Ed can even talk!! - So put your back into it!



3 Sport TV Presenter


Being a professional yachtsman, my back is often put through its paces and more often than not ends up in a mess.

After working with Ed over the past two years I've had a massive improvement in strength and flexibility which has produced better results on the water and more importantly a happier, pain free life.


Team New Zealand & Olympic Yachting


It is a great pleasure to provide a testimonial for you.  In general your knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm are excellent. As you know I have referred you many patients and their feedback (and their coaches’ feedback) has universally reflected this. It has been great to work as a team with you both with elite athletes and other patients, particular those who are trying to optimize their health and wellness.


Sports Doctor HealthZone / NZ Kiwi League Team Doctor / North Harbour Rugby Union Team Doctor / Medical Director for Yachting NZ / Millennium Institute of Sport and Health


Ed is fantastic – he tells you what the problems are what you can do to help and you are completely in competent hands. His outlook is always fantastic so a good experience for mind and body!


“In this day and age when health and wellbeing are in danger of becoming merely an industry, it is rare to meet a mentor who actually embodies their philosophy on life. Dr Ed Timings is that rare individual”