Corporate Service Offer


Dr Ed Timings has joined forces with a leading edge business consultant Janine Hampson-Tindale to form a company called Catalyst.  Together we have developed a number of services that can assist our corporate clients with creating a more effective and healthy workforce.

Athletes maximize their achievements by focusing their efforts on the key areas that will have the greatest impact on their performance.  We believe that businesses should apply the same philosophy, energy + focus + talent = success, because only when a healthy, energized workforce is combined with optimal business planning and practices, can companies truly maximize their potential.

Dr Ed Timings, a leading international speaker on health issues, delivers a unique blend of evidence-based practice and energetic motivational presentations. 

These seminars are well suited to companies embarking on a push forward, who want to get ‘all cyclinders firing’ as quickly as possible.

We can also provide your company with:
  • Ergonomic Assessments

  • Digital Posture Assessments

  • Individualized Programmes


We can find what needs to change and actually measure results! And just to make things easy everything is can be done onsite, so we minimize any down time.

Why use our programme?

Our approach is absolutely easy to follow and understand. It encourages and measures change.  Our skills come from both experience and formal post graduate study. We are hands on and able to impart our knowledge easily in a manner that is both educational and thoroughly enjoyable.

How do we increase production?

By helping an employee increase output we can assist in boosting your company’s productivity. We focus, not only on minimizing injuries and sickness but more positively on health, function and motivation.

Why do you need us?

It is the employer’s responsibility to provide education in this area but most courses seem to be designed to tick boxes as opposed to actually producing change and effective outcomes for both the company and the employee. We see this as an opportunity to show your staff that you are genuinely concerned about their welfare with the added benefit of improving the company’s bottom line results through increased productivity

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