All of the items listed below are highly recommended by the Team at Back in Action


General Products

Chiropillow – hypoallergenic and adaptable to every neck as height is altered for the individual - $120

Antiflamme – Use for every sprain or strain, household size for economical buying- $60

Pedometers – for those seriously concerned about their own movement patterns (good for home and workplace challenges) and recommended by consumer magazine - $20

Stretching cords
Blue – average build and workout - $10
Black – for those that are stronger and have mastered blue - $15

Ice packs – for acute injuries - $15


Supplement Range

Ultrapotent C (200g) – great tasting and absolutely a must when you begin to feel unwell – great value and potency  - $40

Ultra Muscleze Energy (204g) – with additional B vitamins when stressed or wornout - $50

Sanderson Supplements & Vitamins – we have a great range of these high quality products at a very affordable price