Becoming a Chiropractor was a natural choice for Kristian, after experiencing the power of Chiropractic when recovering from multiple sports-related injuries playing sports at the highest national level in his home country of Sweden. He was also following in his father?s inspired footsteps to become the third Chiropractor in his family.

After considering many Chiropractic schools around the world, Kristian chose to complete his degree at the world-renowned New Zealand College of Chiropractic. At the end of his five years of study, he received The Adjuster Award and an award for his contribution to Chiropractic research at his graduation in 2014.

Kristian has returned to New Zealand after five years of working as a Chiropractor in Sweden, Norway, Mauritius and Singapore. During the last year practicing in Norway, Kristian worked with several elite and world champion runners and mountaineers, to improve their joint and muscle function through better alignment and overall movement patterns. At Back in Action Chiropractic, Kristian?s main focus is to work with both athletes and the general public, to improve their spine and nervous system for better performance and wellbeing.

When Kristian is not working towards improving the health of his community, he enjoys spending time with his kiwi wife, fishing, rock climbing, and staying fit with regular training at the gym and swimming pool.

Kristian works at the Ponsonby and Milford clinic.

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